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TNE-T Broadcasting , established in 1997 , being an internet site builder and producer of short movies, now is developing  in collaboration with SH ten Heggeler a new Skisports activity tracker called Skitrack. Furthermore TNE-T Broadcasting is producer of short presentational and documentary movies. TNE-T Publications, as part of TNE-T Broadcasting since 2004, is responsible for the internetpublications and its multimedia.

At this site you can find TNE-T demo video's, our spare parts / Merchandising catalogues, and Public and non-public Picture Databases  Entering Non Public picture databases is possible with the TNET A or P code as written on your RFID chipcard or RFID keychain Tag / Door Access key.

Mobile Broadcasting & Video Capture

14.01.16 New cam system SkiTrack
21.02.16 New video's online at Youtube
30.07.16 PIstexplorer Discontinued

For Skitrack we are capturing video with advanced mobile systems, wich are weather and shock resistant. The extreme weather conditions and high speed at the recording of these videos require a high quality product. We are using 8 Sony Actioncam camera's with GPS at HD resolution at different viewing angles. More about this project will be online soon. Pistexplorer website will be discontinued end of July 2016. This content will be integrated in SkiTrack.

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