Preview your tracks

With TNE-T PisteXplorer you can preview your skitracks , slopes, at your skiing area with a sub 360° view. We started recording tracks in 2010 with our special
camera systems in the skiing area Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental.

Skitrack integration

Furthermore we will search for possibilities to integrate PisteXplorer into Skitrack. To virtually review the track you skied, registered by skitrack. Skitrack is a GPS locator to review the tracks on a map-based way. It is possible to integrate pictures taken by your phone at the exact location, review speed and height differences, etc. For more information on Skitrack, goto

Streaming Video

The Pistexplorer viewer presents you streaming video of the selected track. It is possible to view forward in valley direction or backwards. At every end of a slope or slopepart, you can select the next track to be followed, either a next slope or a skilift. In this way it is possible to virtually view the whole skiing area at home.

For more information about PisteXplorer , visit the Pistexplorer website at:
This site will be integrated in SkiTrack by the end of July 2016

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